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A Scot’s Thoughts

Why Smash Burgers?

Being a Celtic pub, most people don’t think of burgers before, say, Fish and Chips, Shepherd’s Pie, hell, or even Scotch Egg. We are a

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Beer Pairings

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Matching up your delicious pub delicacy with a brilliant beer can be a particular art form, but it doesn’t have to be rocket science! When...

The Grebelknud

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The Good Neighbor Cocktail Series is on it’s 6th iteration and we keep it rolling with our friends from The Grebleknud Meat Company our favebutcher!...

A Chef’s Thought’s

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The art of a chef and the hard work of the back of the house staff are all too often understated in the hospitality world....

Barrel-Aged Cocktails

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Barrel-aging gives cocktails focuses on the interaction with wood and the aging process, which elevates the flavor profiles and adds unique character that sets them...

Question: What is the perfect cut of beef?

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Answer: Prime Rib.        Firstly, it’s tender and juicy: Prime rib comes from the rib section of the beef, specifically the primal rib, which is known for...

Wild Mountain Thyme

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Scotsman Sunday Funday with the Carter Giegrich Trio has been a Sunday weekly staple from 2-5 pm since we’ve opened. A band of mega-talented musicians...