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Barrel-Aged Cocktails

Barrel-Aged Cocktails

3 mixed drinks on a table. A mason Jar with a lemon in it, a stemmed glass with an olive on a stick, and a rocks glass with ice, olive and lemon.

Barrel-aging gives cocktails focuses on the interaction with wood and the aging process, which elevates the flavor profiles and adds unique character that sets them apart from their freshly mixed counterparts. The flavors and aromas acquired from the barrel create a distinctive taste that cannot be replicated through other methods. This uniqueness adds a sense of intrigue and novelty to the drinking experience. 

The aging process in a barrel allows the flavors of the ingredients to meld together, creating a harmonious and complex flavor profile. The wood from the barrel imparts unique flavors such as vanilla, caramel, and spice, enhancing the overall taste of the cocktail. The longer the aging period, the more time the ingredients have to interact with the wood and each other, resulting in a deeper and more well-rounded flavor.

 When cocktails are aged in barrels, a small amount of oxygen is allowed to interact with the liquid. This oxygenation process can mellow out harsh flavors, soften the spirit, and promote the development of new flavors. Oxidation also plays a role in changing the cocktail’s characteristics, much like how wine develops different flavors over time when exposed to air. 

Barrel aging helps to integrate the different components of a cocktail, allowing them to blend and marry together. It can soften the sharp edges of the alcohol and create a smoother drinking experience. The flavors from the base spirits, mixers, and other ingredients become more cohesive, resulting in a more balanced and enjoyable taste.

The aging process imparts layers of complexity and depth to the cocktail. As the liquid interacts with the wood, it absorbs compounds from the barrel, such as tannins and lignins, which contribute to the overall flavor profile. These additional elements can add depth, richness, and a pleasant lingering finish to the cocktail.  We are handling this program with a type of solera method so over time the depth of the cocktail will continue to develop.

Smash Burger with melted cheese, wrapped in newspaper, next to a beer.

Why Smash Burgers?

Being a Celtic pub, most people don’t think of burgers before, say, Fish and Chips, Shepherd’s Pie, hell, or even Scotch Egg. We are a pub first and foremost and pub and burger go about as hand in hand as hand and glove. We’re proud of our burger and the

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Empty Westmalle beer bottle next to a full stemmed glass

Beer Pairings

Matching up your delicious pub delicacy with a brilliant beer can be a particular art form, but it doesn’t have to be rocket science! When looking at beer and food pairings, start with the basic principles.   Synergy will always win. You can find synergy in a great number of

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A rocks glass with liquor, olive and lemon, lined with sugar.

The Grebelknud

The Good Neighbor Cocktail Series is on it’s 6th iteration and we keep it rolling with our friends from The Grebleknud Meat Company our favebutcher!  Inspired from Heidi’s “Dark Mountain” spiced rub (which is very delicious on the london broil).  We are using Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum, GRIND Espresso Dark

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A cast iron skillet with bread and a half full glass of beer.

A Chef’s Thought’s

The art of a chef and the hard work of the back of the house staff are all too often understated in the hospitality world. “Chef Life” is hard work and requires a special person who is passionate, autonomous as well as a quintessential team player.  We took a moment

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A plate of juicy steak, mashed potatoes, greens and various sauces.

Question: What is the perfect cut of beef?

Answer: Prime Rib.        Firstly, it’s tender and juicy: Prime rib comes from the rib section of the beef, specifically the primal rib, which is known for its tenderness and marbling. The marbling refers to the intramuscular fat that is distributed throughout the meat, providing moisture and tenderness when cooked. This fat

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A Full glass of Guinness, a glass of clear liquor on a table in front of a banjo player and violinist.

Wild Mountain Thyme

Scotsman Sunday Funday with the Carter Giegrich Trio has been a Sunday weekly staple from 2-5 pm since we’ve opened. A band of mega-talented musicians sits down and bangs out three hours of traditional Celtic folk, jigs reels and strathspeys from centuries ago. Carter, John and Jackson are the classic

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