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In the Heart of Tradition: A Celtic Haven for All

Discover WNC’s premier Celtic pub, on the 1st floor in our 1927 historic freemason-built building. Savor classic pub fare, paired with a vast array of libations. Taste history as cozy ambience and laughter weave an unforgettable atmosphere, bridging past and present in each delightful moment.

An Ode To The Pub

Pubs, since the dawn of America, have held an indelible place, playing a pivotal role in our nation’s tapestry. These hallowed taverns, vibrant with revolutionary spirit, served as cradles of the uprising. From hosting polling houses during elections to being the very birthplace of the esteemed United States Marine Corps, they are both grand halls of celebration and sanctuaries of remembrance for those we hold dear in our hearts.

In 1927, our resplendent revival-style establishment took shape, originally a gathering space for a local Masonic lodge. As we embark on this journey, it seems serendipitous to tread upon the path paved by the Scottish stonemasons, the true progenitors of ‘freemasonry,’ and become a part of the storied legacy that defines 37 Church St.

The Scotsman Public House stands as a bridge between worlds, seamlessly blending elements of the old and the new. As we raise our glasses and pay homage to our Scottish heritage, let us also extend a gracious nod to the Scots-Irish and their ancestors who settled upon this land centuries ago, shaping the enchanting North Carolina backcountry that surrounds us.

With immense pride, we have made Waynesville our cherished home, and it is with utmost delight that we await the privilege of serving you as our esteemed guests.

Slainte Mhath!

"Every man dies, but not every man really lives" - Braveheart (1995)